GdZine Studio was founded in 2006 April in a small room with few IT folks working in IT giants as a platform for showcasing their part time research work. We still operate in a very low scale and to work only on challenging web2.0 base work.

We all at Gdzine believe in aesthetics and love to engineer Art with technology behind. We do develop creative works for various organization around the world on LAMP platform and open source technologies in a cost effective way. provides solutions on top of Drupal, Wordpress and Zend for their clients. GdZine works with NGOs and Micro-finance groups to solve their IT needs. GdZine have also started development of products for MFI back-office based on drupal. Gdzine are in the verge of launching products based on open source technologies which will cater various sectors like education, e-learning etc.

Gdzine strongly believe in open source and love to explore and work with open source and also belive that working for money could not be the only way of doing day to day jobs.