Mustardseed Media exists for a single purpose: To put powerful and beautiful websites into the hands of small and midsized churches (and other Christian ministries). It's as simple as that. We know that your church isn't like any other. God has made you unique and put you in a particular place and time to fulfill a need and communicate The Message with a specific audience. That's why cookie cutter template websites don't cut it.

Every site we build is for the individual, unique client we're working with. Sure, many churches want similar functionality, but that doesn't mean they all fit together in the same way. We listen to your goals and learn about your ministry, then we guide you through a process of discovering what your unique website looks and feels like.

We build custom websites, and we build them to spread The Old Story.

Published Videos: 

Drupal Theme Switching with ThemeKey Module

Know the power of Drupal ThemeKey module. In Drupal 7 theme switching can be done with...


Drupal 7 Media Element Tutorial

The MediaElement module brings the MediaElement.js html5 player plugin to Drupal....

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