DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014: An Overview of the Drupal 8 Plugin System

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The Drupal 8 plugin system provides a set of guidelines and reusable code components that allow developers to expose pluggable functionality within their code and (as needed) support managing these components through the user interface. Understanding the ins and outs of the plugin system will be critical for anyone developing modules for Drupal 8. Blocks, field types, widgets, and views displays are just some of the places you’ll encounter plugins in D8.

In this presentation Joe has beutifully presented the concepts of Drupal 8 plugins in order to write about and helping document the plugin system.
You will come to know about:
- What are plugins and why, when, where are they used?
- How Drupal discovers plugins.
- Annotations and how they relate to plugins.
- Defining a plugin.
- Using plugin derivatives to allow for many instances of a single plugin.
- Defining new plugin types in your own module.

A big thanks to Joe