London Drupalcon Session - Adaptive, Responsive, Mobile First And Drupal Theming

This session will be broken into two main portions:

- Introduction to Responsive Design/Layouts & Examples
This portion will cover the ins and outs of responsive concepts and how to apply those to Drupal, the shortcomings in Drupal (and most frameworks) that make Responsive concepts still a somewhat "hacky" solution, and how we can better improve upon core to make this better for the mobile web in the future.

- Introduction to ONE technique to get you started using these concepts now...
This portion will cover how Omega implements Responsive/Adaptive concepts, and where the future of this project is going, and how you can begin using the framework today, and contribute to it for the future all while creating powerful themes for any device your users may be using.
Omega has moved to a mobile first approach on design and layout concepts, making it simple to quickly push out a mobile friendly version of ANY drupal site, with options now to use multiple grids based on the framework, but sized to your choosing. It is possible now to target certain device capabilities and sizes to render content in new ways using CSS3 @media queries.

London Drupalcon