London Drupalcon Session - Developing With Drupal Commerce

Some of the earliest and most complex deployments of Drupal Commerce have been developed in Europe, including Eurocentres for global language course sales, SubHub for subscription management, and traditional physical product sales at These sites' developers have worked their way through the dark corners of the Commerce APIs and really blazed a trail through Drupal 7 site development in general, contributing patches and knowledge upstream to the project and community.

Join us for a panel discussion moderated by Ryan Szrama that explores the experience of these developers and Commerce Guys' own integration team to find out what it's like to develop with Drupal Commerce in preparation for your next big project. Questions will focus on building sites with complex requirements, integrating with third party services, and using Drupal Commerce in Europe.

Along the way, you can expect topical introductions to specific features of the core and contributed Drupal Commerce modules, such as:

- Understanding and interacting with the pricing system
- Using the core tax system to properly display and collect VAT
- Collecting shipping charges during checkout
- Best practices for payment gateway integration and recurring payments
- Creating customized Add to Cart and Checkout forms
- Working with custom line item types

London Drupalcon