Top 10 Drupal Modules

If you want to get your feet wet on the Internet and get started with building a website, then we suggest that you get yourself at least ten Drupal modules. These are important for your Drupal site because they will give you all of the tools you need to build an attractive site and make sure that it’s easy to use and customize as your website grows.

There are many other modules that you can get for free on Drupal, but they’re not essential and they won’t do the job for you if you don’t have the right ones. Let’s go through a few of these 10 modules that are essential to your site and that you should get as soon as possible.

* Blog module – You may think that this is just another module that you’ll need later, but it’s actually very important to your Drupal website. This module lets you create a blog that looks like a regular blog in WordPress and uses the same plugins as your WordPress site. You also get an admin area for your blog that gives you a lot of options for customizing your blog. You’ll also be able to manage and update your blog on the fly without any problems.

* Social Bookmark module – This module is very popular among many people because it lets you add Google Bookmarks to your site. You can search for the bookmarks you want to add by keywords. It can also add the URL of the bookmark so you can share them with your friends. This module is useful for your blog because it gives you a way to attract a wider audience.

* Social Media module – This module lets you create your own social media profiles. Once you’ve created your profile, you can easily upload pictures and videos and share them with your friends. This is great for attracting more attention to your site and getting more traffic to it. It also helps you get more visitors to the different social media networks that you belong to.

* Directory module – This module is a very popular choice among the many users of Drupal and because it allows you to make a list of links that point to your site. You can easily publish this list on various directories, such as Squidoo, HubPages, EzineArticles and others.

* Contact module – This module is very useful for getting in touch with your customers, because you can add a live chat option so you can interact with them directly and get their feedback about your products. You can also add a link on your homepage to help your visitors contact you directly.

* Events module – You need to get this one, because this module allows you to manage all of the events in your Drupal site. You can set the theme colors and themes that your visitors will see, and the events that they will see, along with the links they will see to the different pages.

* Contact module – This module lets you add your own email addresses and the links that your visitors can click to add them to your mailing list. This is very helpful when it comes to sending your customers newsletters and other information.

* Menu module – This module lets you add your menu on your site so that visitors can go directly to the specific sections you have. installed for them.

* Meta module – This module lets you display the meta data about your web site. This includes descriptions, images and meta tags.

* Search module – This module lets you search for the information that you want and display it in the form of links and search boxes. It also allows you to add new content to your site, by creating a new page or blog.