About Us

What we Do

DrupalCamp24x7.org is an effort to help Drupal beginners to learn Drupal online. It also tries to help drupalites from all over the world to learn by FREE video tutorials, share and communicate among themselves in a way Drupal.org suggests for DrupalCamp but in an online mode. It also tries to help people interested in Drupal to share their ideas with others who are unable to taste the fun of DrupalCamp in any way. We welcome all who love Drupal and want to be part of this great community and learn drupal fast and easily.

So come on JOIN hands with us, it’s FREE

Our Start

As with many tech stories, we began our deep dive into Drupal in our cramped door room. We knew there was something special about Drupal and it fed our desire to explore it in all possible ways.


Our focus is sharing all our Drupal knowledge with anyone that wants to listen. We’ve spent countless hours studying Drupal and it’s capabilities, which has only made us want to share our insights more. Drupal is an amazing community and it’s our mission to help it grow and progress moving forward.